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SASB Services

iCompli will help you to:

  1. Identify the sustainability topics most likely to be material to an investor,
  2. Understand the current state of disclosure and performance on those topics, and
  3. Enhance existing reporting processes to more effectively disclose material information on sustainability topics.

SASB Plus Gap Analysis

This diagnostic assessment identifies the sustainability topics and metrics your industry has determined to be material (in terms of the Supreme Court’s definition of materiality) and which should serve as the basis of your company’s materiality assessment and sustainability reporting.  We analyze a company’s existing sustainability report (typically GRI) and compare the disclosures in the report to SASB disclosures for your industry.   We also benchmark your reporting against industry peers to see how you stack up.  Plus, we assess your CDP and DJSI disclosures to provide a comprehensive assessment of potential disclosure gaps which can be depressing your ratings and rankings scores.

Disclosure Quality Assessment

This analysis dives deeper than what you are or are not reporting and focuses on the quality of information in your sustainability report as well as your SEC filings (10K and 20-F).  Our assessment examines the data management process (how data is being captured, the quality of data, security, etc)  along with the content of your disclosures in your sustainability report and 10K (whether the information is just boiler plate, an area of concern to the SEC, or does it provide decision-useful information to investors). Just as we do in our SASB Plus Gap Analysis, we also benchmark the quality of your disclosures against your peers.  Based on this review we provide recommendations to better align your reporting to the SASB Standards.

Materiality Assessment

Using the SASB standards for your industry as a foundation, we determine which SASB sustainability topics are likely to have a material impact on your company’s financial condition or operating performance.  If your company is in multiple industries, we also look at SASB industry standards in those sectors to provide a complete picture of materiality. Our approach goes beyond conventional materiality assessment methods and identifies risk factors that are unique to your industry and your company, by analyzing industry data, third party reports and news stories that might provide evidence of risks to your business.

SASB Implementation Guidance

Based on the results of our initial diagnostic assessments, we work with you to incorporate SASB disclosures in your sustainability report or SEC filings.  We will help you integrate SASB’s sustainability process into your internal management and reporting systems, including your controller questionnaire, internal controls, business intelligence, disclosures, assurance and verification, MD&A narrative  and investor engagement.

Data Collection and Management

Working with Tennaxia, a SASB Enterprise Research Partner, we can offer a customized CSR data collection and management software system specifically designed to work with SASB Standards. Our system can improve your company’s process for collecting, verifying, consolidating and reporting sustainability KPIs.  The program allows you to collect data on one platform from multiple locations in an efficient and  reliable way, saving time and simplifying your reporting process. We also provide assistance throughout your SASB  reporting process: monitoring the progress of data collection in real time and issuing reminders to the various parties involved to make sure the data collection process is on track. We go beyond data collection by analyzing your data, managing justification requests and providing feedback about your performance on material issues.


With SRI (socially responsible investing) now making up one out of every six dollars under professional management, and the SEC actively considering  incorporating sustainability disclosure into Reg S-K filings, now is the time to learn how SASB Standards fit into this picture.    Our SASB training programs can be customized for a variety of audiences -- the C-suite, investor relations officers, sustainability professionals, financial executives, fund managers – anyone who needs to get up to speed quickly on SASB.  You will learn how to recognize the sustainability issues that drive company performance and value, report sustainability performance in a way that is useful to investors, understand the risks of inadequate disclosure and implement SASB in your organization.