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11 Nov

In this presentation iCompli and IAVM explore various opportunities to engage your stakeholders and get them to participate in your program. At the end of the webinar, participant will have the following skills and tools:

  • Understanding of key stakeholders
  • Methods of engagement
  • The importance of telling the story…even if you don’t think you have one!


10 Nov

On Demand Presentation

Are you ready for Cap and Trade?


The new Canadian federal government will be taking a stronger position on carbon limits and pricing than seen in the past, with plans to join and lead the provinces into the Paris global COP21 meetings this December. Already this year Ontario announced plans to join the linked California and Quebec Cap and Trade systems. Carbon pricing is also in place in the economies of British Columbia and Alberta. There is no question that Canadian businesses must understand and prepare for the organization’s carbon impact, risk and upside opportunities.

Moderator: Susan Sheehan, VP Sustainability, iCompli Sustainability 

iCompli Sustainability is a division of BPA Worldwide, the world’s largest media audit compan established in 1931, iCompli provides a research-driven systems approach to help organizations make defensible decisions about their sustainability initiatives and disclosures. We offer diagnostic and assessment services, data verification and report assurance, and third-party certification to industry sustainability standards. Just as global brands have relied upon BPA for more than 80 years, iCompli can be trusted by corporate leaders to address their sustainability challenges and take performance to the next level.

Guest subject matter expert: Gray Taylor 

Gray was called to the bar in Ontario in 1979 and New York in 2003; he is also a member of the Law Society of England and Wales. He practiced at Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP for almost three decades, for the first half of that time as a corporate commercial lawyer and then an environmental and ultimately a climate change lawyer. For most of the past 10 years, he was a leader of the Climate Change and Emissions Trading practice group at Bennett Jones LLP. Gray was identified in Chambers Global, the leading lawyer rating journal, as "being universally recognized as the godfather of Canadian climate change law". Gray is consulted by policy makers and businesses worldwide on cap and trade and environmental law issues.


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