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  1. Vatican Bank: to align with "teaching of the Holy Father"

    Last week, the Vatican announced sweeping reforms for the Vatican IOR (Bank), to address potential abuses, laundering and governance issues, while also indicating that reinvestments of equities will include clear socially responsible investment criteria. For people of faith the message is clear: “As the crisis of climate change is contributed to by human activity, we, Christians and Buddhists, must work together to confront it with an ecological spirituality..”

  2. Public company executives: in the dark on investors & ESG

    BCG’s/MIT Sloan Management Review :75% of senior investment executives say sustainability performance is material to their investments—nearly 50% won’t invest in weak performers. Why is it that only 60% of managers in publicly traded companies believe this? The disconnect explains why only 25% offer a compelling sustainability business case for savvy investors who say access to better ESG data has enabled better investment decisions. Savvy executives…a work in progress?

  3. Fund Managers: doubling 2016 impact investment pool to $12.4 B

    Fund managers—foundations, banks, pension funds, insurance—plan to raise $12.4 B this year for impact investing, versus $6.7B in 2016, almost doubling funds from family offices and foundations, according  to Global Impact Investing Network’s report released this week. It’s a drop in the big bucket, but what was that guy saying about tipping points?


SASB is coming—get ready: join our 30 minute speedinar with SASB as guest speaker, June 19, 11 am EST.

And, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a demo of our SASB alignment tool.


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This is the news of the week, month, year. Selected excerpts, SEC Commissioner Kara M. Stein’s keynote speech at the 48th Annual Rocky Mountain Securities Conference (May 6). And I quote…

  1. “Today, investors make their decisions based on an array of information which goes beyond mere profit and loss… Sustainability disclosure differentiates companies and may foster investor confidence, trust, and employee loyalty.”

  2. “… today’s investors are considering strategies that take into account environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. For example, at the start of 2014, more than one out of every six dollars in assets under management -- $6.57 trillion -- was invested using such strategies. This is an increase of 76% since the start of 2012, and a startling 929% increase since 1995.[9] This phenomenon is here to stay.”
  3. “Why? It’s not just about socially conscious millennials, although that is certainly a factor.[10] …companies adopting certain sustainability measures may perform better than those that do not.[11] What changes to our disclosure regime may be implicated by this trend?”

If you’d like to see a customized scorecard showing how your ESG disclosures compare to peers, get in touch with me.  You can download a sample scorecard here. We’d be happy to provide some insights on what to do to improve your scores.


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  1. GE just released its first integrated summary report, joining PepsiCO, Prudential Financial, Clorox Company and others in reporting past performance along with future ESG risks and opportunities.

    Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO, says their report responds to the problem that “public company reporting is so complicated that what matters to investors can get lost.”  Go here to learn about ESG reporting benchmarking and analytics to get started  or improve on your reporting.

  2. Bloomberg launches the first Gender Equality Index for the Financial Services Sector (BFGEI), providing investors and organizations with standardized aggregate data across company gender statistics; employee policies; gender-conscious product offerings; and external community support and engagement. Go here for more, and how to submit information for next year’s Index.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?subject=ESG%20alignment%20information%20request" ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy74047 + '\'?subject=ESG%20alignment%20information%20request>'+addy_text74047+'<\/a>'; //-->  to explore how your ESG reporting can be aligned to SASB and investor needs.

  3. Speaking of integrated reporting, the UK government took another step in ESG reporting leadership, by releasing an integrated reporting guidance for public sector organizations, setting out GHGs (Scope 1, 2, and 3), waste, water, and procurement, as minimum requirements to be included in each organization’s annual report.  Rather than accepting a stand alone CSR report as sufficient, the guidance states that organizations should “report how sustainability is embedded within corporate decision making and performance”.


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  1. The US Navy is asking its largest suppliers to report its GHGs and reduction strategies to CDP, citing energy as a potential weapon and the need to be able to go off-grid as needed. The US military is the world’s largest user of fossil fuels, and the Navy expects its suppliers to get them to 50% renewables by 2050. Expect those suppliers to turn around and ask their suppliers, and their suppliers' suppliers..you get the idea… More… To learn everything you need to know about GHG management in 30 minutes – go here.


  2. Chinese banks and their investors face US $1.69T in environmental risk because their lending and investing activities are not in step with emerging Chinese environmental policies according to a study released this week. Key investments at risk include agriculture, energy generation, steel, cement and chemical manufacturing. I suspect Chinese banks and their investors are not alone at this party.


  3. CalPERS' Climate Risk Reporting Proposal Overwhelmingly Passes at Anglo American – another one of many companies facing shareholder proposals for ESG reporting… Check out our FastTrak reporting service – to align your first or repeat report to expectations of shareholders. Learn how Bloomberg Financial's ESG screens are used to assess your company's GHGs and ESG’s, watch this on-demand 30-minute speedinar: How Investors and Analysts Use Bloomberg’s ESG Data, with guest speaker Gregory Elders, Senior Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence.


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  1. If you’re about to skip Earth Day, go to NASA for a close gaze at the Blue Marble, first shot in ‘72 from a million miles away. Earth Day is 46 middle-aged years old today; 10 million people participated in '70. Today, 1 billion people will participate in activities around the Blue Marble. Don’t be a chump–do something.
  2. Paris, or bust–what the SEC is doing about it: Also today, on Earth Day, at least 55% of the world’s climate emitting countries are expected to ratify the treaty in NYC. Maybe that’s why last week theSEC released a paper to discuss implementing climate/sustainability disclosure rules. Non-financial rules haven’t changed since first published 30 years ago; SEC’s commissioners think it’s time for an update. Go here for the SEC doc, and here for an article by Institute of Management Accountants. Our FastTrack reporting service aligns company disclosures to SASB, so you’ll be ready when the rules change, and they will.
  3. US will exceed Paris commitments, because Mr. Bloomberg says so. If you doubt American resolve to lead on climate change, in light of the Supreme Court freeze on the Clean Power Plan, fret no more. Mr. Bloomberg lays out why in an article he released on Earth-Day-eve. To see how Bloomberg Financial's ESG screens are used to assess your company's GHGs and other non-financial KPIs, watch our on-demand 30-minute speedinar: How Investors and Analysts Use Bloomberg’s ESG Data, with guest speaker Gregory Elders, Senior Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence.
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  1. Bloomberg: the company and the guy, are rocking the ESG reporting.

    Bloomberg’s sustainability report, released this week, conforms to GRI, and SASB, and is 3rd party verified. Jeepers. I guess we can expect nothing less from Michael Bloomberg’s company, given his role as Chair of SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) and the number of investors/customers using Bloomberg’s ESG data screens has grown 40% each year since 2009.

  2. Tip: Tracking CSR with .XLS? Reboot.

    A new study finds that ESG reporters who use Excel to track their data find the work ‘difficult’ or ‘very difficult’, compared to those who use specialized software and find it ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ …. more.

  3. Meanwhile, back in Nashville: investors vote.

    After several years of management resistance, shareholders of Clarcor, a 112 year old, Tennessee-based filtration and packaging company,voted in favor of requiring annual reporting of ESG/sustainability risks. Investors observed that by not reporting the firm appeared to lag the S&P 500 and its peers in managing these issues. Clarcor is not alone—expect 2016 to be a banner year for ESG resolutions. Get started now with our FastTrak solution.


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The study is based on survey responses received from 56 global companies from various industry sectors (Manufacturing, Food, Chemicals, Logistics, Energy, Aviation, Finance, Resorts, Packaging, Apparel, Health) and of different sizes (from $3M to >$20Bn of revenue) and nine in-depth interviews.

Find it here


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1. Panama Papers–how to earn public scorn instead of prison time

It turns out accountability isn’t about proving they can’t put you in prison. Accountability means acceptable actions in the eyes of the public. Expect more legislation on transparency and reporting… to prepare, focus on measuring and reporting what matters to your ‘public’. We offer a fast-track approach for more quickly responding to material stakeholder ESG topics. Go here

2. DJSI 2016: April 5 kick-off

This week 3,450 companies were invited to start responding to the 2016 DJSI Corporate Sustainability Assessment. All invited companies get rated whether they respond or not. Having certain responses verified increases scores-more hereAnd ghere for the 2016 invitee list and timeline.  DJSI incorporates carbon in its assessment. Register here For “Everything you need to know about Carbon Management, but were afraid to ask…in 30 minutes.”

3. Buy and Sell Side: ESG’s got you covered

SASB’s (re)definition of "materiality" means significant changes in sustainability reporting plus collaboration between CSR officers and IR.We’ve developed a SASB alignment tool to show where your alignment and gaps are. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a demo. 


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