iCompli Sustainability

21 Jul


Three things this week:

  1. Metric overload? The hundreds of sustainability metrics from the proliferation of reporting frameworks may mean you're not reporting on the most material indicators, and according to this Harvard Business Review article, the fastest growing investor cause is sustainability. 

  2. Metric precision? Critical for your GHG disclosures, but also vital in other areas, the durability of metrics is key: your data has to be accurate, based on science, with goals set in ESG context.

  3. 3.6 million metric tons? That’s the estimated carbon footprint of the Rio Olympics. Their carbon partner Dow Chemical will offset about 2 million of that, the rest to be offset by the state of Rio de Janeiro. Did they miss the mark by not focusing on the water in Guanabara Bay?

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07 Jul


Three things this week:

  1. City & local governments may get middling ratings from sustainability experts on their contribution to sustainable development in a recent GlobeScan | SustainAbility Survey, but don’t tell that to Columbus, Ohio: they just beat 78 other US cities to win the Smart City Challenge, a contest in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to foster economic development and better access to jobs, fresh food, education, and healthcare.

  2. SASB submitted their formal response to the SEC’s public comment period on sustainability disclosure reform. It makes a strong case for including sustainability disclosures SEC filings, positioning their standards as the de facto format. The need is apparent: their research shows that half the time, companies have either boilerplate disclosure or no disclosure at all (see the table in Appendix B). 

  3. As Tesla faces production challenges and potential autopilot regulation, Hanergy introduced four cars with thin-film solar cells on the vehicles, which can travel about 50 miles on five to six hours of sunlight – no charging station!

SASB is coming—get ready:
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28 Jun

3 things this week you should know:

  1. EPA settlement: Trader Joe’s to Pay $2 M to Reduce Leaks & Curb GHGs

    If you don’t’ think global GHG reduction agreements (think COP21/Paris) will impact your day to day business anytime soon, read this.

  2. ESG funds charging higher management fees: but not for much longer

    Due to ESG investor pressure and increasing competition in the ESG mutual fund industry, management fees on actively-managed ESG funds are coming down off their above industry average rates (and hindering overall performance of ESG managed funds along the way - sheesh). Thankfully the new millennials are straightening this situation out with their investing power, aligned to personal values. More here.

  3. 4th Annual CSR Investing Summit NYC, July 20/21 – SASB-FSA workshop

    Further to point 2 above, the 4th CSR Investing Summit is coming up next month. iCompli will deliver a SASB Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) credentialed workshop. To learn more and register go here.