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16 Nov

3 things: optimism on climate change, 0.2% of Republicans, and tough standards

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Hope. We just stepped away from the podium at New Metrics in Boston, and were encouraged to see so many ESG experts focused on improving, and remaining optimistic about climate action.

Change. This Bloomberg feature on Republican Jay Faison’s Quest to Save the Planet (And the GOP) is a great read, covering how opinions form based on identity vs. science, how carbon-capture technology might one day make ‘clean coal’ a reality, and attempts to find the 0.2% of Republicans who advocate for the health of the planet.

Make American Great Again. But how? Honoring the US commitment to the Paris climate agreement is a good place to start. Teddy Roosevelt, Republican and reformer said it: "We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

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Joe Rizzo

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Joe oversees BPA audit engagements in Event Sustainability Certification and Sustainability Report Assurance. Joe develops and executes BPA audit protocols for sustainability standards from ASTM, ISO and GRI. He is a Certified Sustainability Manager (CSM), GRI G4 Master Class participant, and AA1000AS specialist.

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