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28 Jun

Three things: Trader Joe's gets a GHG spanking; ESG funds' get a haircut & CSR investors, they get savvy Featured

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3 things this week you should know:

  1. EPA settlement: Trader Joe’s to Pay $2 M to Reduce Leaks & Curb GHGs

    If you don’t’ think global GHG reduction agreements (think COP21/Paris) will impact your day to day business anytime soon, read this.

  2. ESG funds charging higher management fees: but not for much longer

    Due to ESG investor pressure and increasing competition in the ESG mutual fund industry, management fees on actively-managed ESG funds are coming down off their above industry average rates (and hindering overall performance of ESG managed funds along the way - sheesh). Thankfully the new millennials are straightening this situation out with their investing power, aligned to personal values. More here.

  3. 4th Annual CSR Investing Summit NYC, July 20/21 – SASB-FSA workshop

    Further to point 2 above, the 4th CSR Investing Summit is coming up next month. iCompli will deliver a SASB Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) credentialed workshop. To learn more and register go here.

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Susan Sheehan, MBA, CRS-P, TSM-VSP

Vice President Sustainability

Susan leads client engagement for iCompli’s Sustainability Services. She has advised on or led sustainability strategies for corporations such as Algonquin Power/Liberty Utilities, Conestoga Meat Packers, Kraft Foods, Titanium Corp., Newalta and US Silver & Gold. She is a frequent sustainability strategy speaker in North America, Europe and Asia, and expert panelist for clean technology and sustainability reporting. Susan is a Verification Service Provider for the Mining Association of Canada's TSM sustainability framework, and has an MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business.

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