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18 Feb

Three things this week: modern slavery, HKEx and ‘Intel inside’

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1. The new ’Intel Inside’: conflict mineral free

Intel is using conflict minerals regs for competitive advantage, which is exactly what we want to see from innovation-driven brands. After leading the pack on eliminating conflict minerals from its supply chain, (all of its microprocessors were certified conflict-free by 2014), in 2016, their CEO has announced an expansion of the program, and the use of a ‘conflict free’ symbol on their products. Some lead, others follow. More here 

2. Asian Exchanges: from voluntary to mandatory  ESG disclosure

Listed companies on Stock Exchanges of Hong Kong (HKEx) are required to comply or explain on Environmental, Social and Governance reporting, having moved from a voluntary guideline to mandatory reporting at the end of 2015. Expect to see much movement on ESG reporting from global and national brands in Asia as a result. North American brands seeking to do business in these markets can expect to feel pressure to disclose, even if they are not on these exchanges. Similar requirements are evident in Signapore and Taiwan.  More here.

3. Slavery and abuse in your supply chain: material emerging risk for global supply chains 

Global brands with global supply chains are deemed accountable and responsible for all humans who produce materials that end up in their products. Increased public scrutiny of workers’ conditions and forced labor in plantations, fishing vessels and factories,  has opened the eyes of consumers and their legislators in the UK and US. Yet businesses remain largely unprepared to understand or  address the severe reputation risk of public scrutiny of their suppliers. Watch for more legislation around this, as a way for consumers to gain control over their purchase decisions. 

More here.

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