iCompli Sustainability

The TripAdvisor® GreenLeaders Program

GreenLeaders is a program established by TripAdvisor for hotels and other accommodation facilities. It focuses on sustainable practices that would reduce impacts and improve environmental outcomes related to the hospitality industry.

The program is structured around:

  • Seven prescriptive and required practices
  • A survey on general practices with six sections related to energy, water, waste, purchasing, site and innovation and education

An accommodation facility can achieve different levels within the program. The four tiers are: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.


iCompli Sustainability has developed a suite of services designed to help hotels and accommodation facilities meet the requirements of the Trip Advisor GreenLeaders Program including:

  • Assess current sustainability performance and compare to Trip Advisor Green Leaders and industry standards
  • Develop sustainability policies and programs needed to comply with Trip Advisor and industry standards
  • Establish baseline information and provide tools for continual metrics tracking
  • Prepare documentation needed to prove compliance
  • Effectively communicate sustainability initiatives to stakeholders
  • Reduce the venue’s environmental impact


iCompli will work with your team to provide an overview of the program, and evaluate your current practices against the necessary criteria. iCompli can help you identify the strengths of your program and potential opportunities and goals to achieve a higher level of performance.


Once iCompli works with your team to establish your performance level goal, we can also assist in the documentation gathering and review prior to submittal to the GreenLeaders program.


An informed staff is key to a successful sustainability program. iCompli can develop training materials necessary to ensure your staff is educated and engaged in your programs.