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Green Partner Sponsorship

Sustainability – economic, environmental and social impacts – is a C-suite issue today spurred by investor, activist and consumer interest. Sustainability has major cost, revenue and reputational issues for companies. As a result, companies are embedding sustainability into their brands and are looking for marketing vehicles to advance that message. Sustainability is also a highly visible issue for government leaders and policymakers who have made sustainability a priority for their city or region.

Sustainability as it relates to an event has three dimensions:

  • 1. Economic – operating in a way that is financially viable for the event, its attendees, sponsors and suppliers
  • 2. Environmental – minimizing the use of resources, reducing waste, tracking carbon and encouraging sustainable procurement
  • 3. Social – engaging attendees in the efforts of the event and how they can be part of the movement

Green Partner Sponsorship – a “Win Win” for show organizers and sponsors.

Tradeshow and event organizers can generate additional revenue by developing a new sponsorship category targeted at national and regional companies that have a strong sustainability component to their brand and whose target audience aligns with event attendees. What makes the Green Partner Sponsorship concept different from typical sponsor packages is that sponsorship revenues are used to fund the certification of an international sustainability standard – the ISO 20121 Sustainability Management System, introduced at the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Tying the sponsorship to certification of a global standard makes the sponsorship credible – and unique – because it requires a commitment from both the sponsor and the event to improve its sustainability performance.

Sponsorship Green

iCompli Sustainability and SponsorshipGreen have combined their resources to create a unique opportunity to fund and implement high value sustainability management systems and certifications. In partnership with venues and events that have demonstrated a clear commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability SponsorshipGreen will identify, solicit, negotiate and execute sponsorship agreements from entities that have a strong sustainability component to their brand. Sponsorship will fund the adoption and certification of an international standard to demonstrate and assure an ongoing commitment to sustainable performance and practices.


Clearly a sponsorship program that nets significant new revenue and generates positive PR coverage for both the sponsor and organizer is a compelling value proposition. Beyond sponsorship revenues, the Green Partner program helps address a critical societal issue (sustainability) and show that both the event and sponsor are serious about taking a leadership role. Obtaining ISO 20121certification indicates that the event and its marketing partner are “walking the talk.”