iCompli Sustainability

There are three major standards you need to know. ISO 20121 is a management system standard for sustainability. Think of it as How you manage sustainability for your event. ASTM is a group of performance-based standards that focus on the event industry supply chain. Think of them as What you need to do to run a sustainable event. GRI is a reporting framework for sustainability. Think of GRI as the way you tell your sustainability story to stakeholders.

All ISO standards have to provide the option of 1st, 2nd or 3rd party certification. Certification is encouraged but is not required.

The Global Reporting Initiative Event Organizer Sector Supplement is a framework for reporting and includes quantitative and qualitative requirements. It makes sense to use the GRI Event Organizer Sector Supplement as your framework for reporting on the work you have done to implement ISO 20121.

ISO 20121 is a management system, which provides a framework for your way of working to support the implementation of sustainability. A management system provides you with a framework for ‘how’ you should work. The ASTM standard provides a more prescriptive outline and could be described as a checklist approach where you are given details on ‘what’ you should do.

It is worth remembering that ISO 20121 is relevant for all types, locations and sizes of events and the ASTM standard has been created for meetings. These standards are not mutually exclusive and you could use ISO 20121 as your way of working and the ASTM standard as the specific actions that you implement.