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What’s involved in the Materiality Review?

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Materiality is determined through a comprehensive, confidential, on-site review of information and Board and Committee packets circulated through the reporting period. This internal materiality scan is supplemented by review of the company’s stakeholder external communications such as media/blog analysis and a verification of message alignment between the “inside” and “outside” story.

The output from this process is a Materiality Scan Report that includes findings that could potentially influence the content of your forthcoming report – and will act as a template for our analysis of its “completeness”.

Karl Pfalzgraf, Practice Leader

Vice President, Sustainability Services

Karl is the Practice Leader for iCompli Sustainability. He has a broad background in GRI reporting and assurance with more than 20 years of experience developing strategic sustainability communications and executing programs at the international level. Most recently, he served as Director, Business Development with AccountAbility, a leading international corporate responsibility think tank and consultancy. Previously Karl was Director, Global Brand and Communications at PwC, where he was responsible for global sustainability communications. Earlier in his career, Karl was Vice President, Corporate Communications at J.P. Morgan. He is a Member of the ANAB Committee of Experts for Event Sustainability and is a LEED Green Associate. Karl has led the development of the certification program for the ASTM sustainability standards. 

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Phone: 1-203-447-2817

Website: www.linkedin.com/pub/karl-pfalzgraf/b/375/491
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