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What happens during Analysis & Assessment?

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After analyzing the most recently published Sustainability/Integrated Annual Report against the GRI indicators, we issue a confidential, interim management report. This internal report rates each performance indicator according to “not covered”, “partially covered” and/or “reasonably covered”. Strengths and weaknesses of the report are also identified, such as whether or not the Report provides adequate quantitative data sets to support key assertions (e.g., Do you provide Lost Time Injury Frequency stats to confirm statements regarding how well the company manages workplace safety?). We conclude with key recommendations of which performance must be included to attain the “In accordance” level your company seeks.

Heather Pantaleo

Manager, Internal Audit

Heather is responsible for developing and overseeing quality control procedures for all product lines including assurance and auditing. She has served on numerous GRI engagements, as well as sustainability certifications for ASTM and ISO standards.

Website: www.linkedin.com/pub/heather-holt-pantaleo/71/685/533
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