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Glenn Hansen, CSR-P, ACSAP

Glenn Hansen, CSR-P, ACSAP

President & CEO

Glen is a certified “Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Practitioner” under the IEMA. Glenn takes the lead in implementing and reporting on BPA’s CSR plan. He is a licensed assurance provider by AccountAbility, which enables verification that companies follow AA1000APS. Glen is a member of UFI’s sustainability committee.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 14:57

What is Type I and Type II assurance?

There are two types of assurance provided under AA1000AS. An AA1000AS Type I assurance involves a Content-based assessment of the Report’s completeness and alignment with GRI requirements. Type I also includes Assertion-based assessment as to whether or not all material/significant assertions included within the Report can be supported by an adequate trail of evidence.

In line with the AA1000AS (2008) guidelines, the assurance engagement seeks to review the reporting process, and final product (i.e., the Report), relative to AccountAbility’s guiding principles of:

- Inclusivity – all relevant stakeholders have been engaged to inform both process and content;

- Materiality – all relevant/material sustainability issues have been considered, analyzed and reported on;

- Responsiveness – the final Report adequately reflects the content requested and/or required by all key stakeholders.

AA1000AS Type II assurance engagement examines additional data sets for accuracy, consistency, completeness and reliability. The process is expanded to an Indicator-based assessment to determine whether or not indicators are adequately discussed within the Report; and whether or not statistical data pertaining to these indicators meets evidentiary tests to confirm compliance to standards of “completeness”, “accuracy”, “consistency” and “reliability.”