iCompli Sustainability

  • Vice President, Sustainability Services

    Karl is the Practice Leader for iCompli Sustainability. He has a broad background in GRI reporting and assurance with more than 20 years of experience developing strategic sustainability communications and executing programs at the international level. Most recently, he served as Director, Business Development with AccountAbility, a leading international corporate responsibility think tank and consultancy. Previously Karl was Director, Global Brand and Communications at PwC, where he was responsible for global sustainability communications. Earlier in his career, Karl was Vice President, Corporate Communications at J.P. Morgan. He is a Member of the ANAB Committee of Experts for Event Sustainability and is a LEED Green Associate. Karl has led the development of the certification program for the ASTM sustainability standards. 

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    Phone: 1-203-447-2817

  • Director, Sustainability Auditing

    Joe oversees BPA audit engagements in Event Sustainability Certification and Sustainability Report Assurance. Joe develops and executes BPA audit protocols for sustainability standards from ASTM, ISO and GRI. He is a Certified Sustainability Manager (CSM), GRI G4 Master Class participant, and AA1000AS specialist.

  • Specialist Carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management

    Stephen is a GHG management expert with over 15 years providing planning and implementation of GHG inventories, assurance and verification of GHG emissions and offset projects, life-cycle carbon footprint assessments, and risk and opportunity assessments. Stephen is a certified Environmental Professional, a California Air Resources Board GHG verifier, Verification Service Provider for the Mining Association of Canada's TSM sustainability framework. He is a member of the international working groups for the ISO 14064 and ISO 14065 standards. Stephen has a Master of Science from the University of Alaska and spent eight years at one of the world’s leading climate change research centers.

  • Manager, Internal Audit

    Heather is responsible for developing and overseeing quality control procedures for all product lines including assurance and auditing. She has served on numerous GRI engagements, as well as sustainability certifications for ASTM and ISO standards.

  • President & CEO

    Glen is a certified “Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Practitioner” under the IEMA. Glenn takes the lead in implementing and reporting on BPA’s CSR plan. He is a licensed assurance provider by AccountAbility, which enables verification that companies follow AA1000APS. Glen is a member of UFI’s sustainability committee.

  • EMEA Director at BPA Worldwide

    Francis is BPA's lead sustainability expert for Europe. He has experience working throughout the Middle East, Africa, India and Europe developing interactive advertising rules and guidelines. Francis member of AEV Sustainability Committee, he works on innovative sustainability assurance solutions for BPA clients.

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  • Asia-Pac General Manager

    Doreen is BPA's Manager for the Asia and Pacific region. She has a strong background in audience measurement for print and online media, events and databases. She has worked on developing strategic branding opportunities and partnerships with government and industry. Doreen has experience with business development and business launches in developing markets. 

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